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Step-By-Step Business Solutions (Namibia)

Welcome to Step-By-Step (SBS) Business Solutions (Namibia) , a portfolio of business solutions dedicated to enhance Namibian business performance through skills development. Our primary objective is to uplift Namibian leadership skills by mitigating the risk of unawareness and fostering improved business understanding and strategy planning. We also utilize the concept of WalkiTa, which involves engaging in "walk and talk" sessions with clear objectives and expected outcomes, enabling the vital practice of pausing and reflecting. As a start-up business, we invite you to join us on our journey in taking step-by-step strides towards extraordinary performance.


Discover the diverse services offered by SBS. From training and consulting to mentoring and business analysis, Hans-Werner provides tailored solutions to enhance your business performance. Explore the services and embark on a transformative journey towards extraordinary results.

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Formal Programs

The Formal Program offered by SBS Business Solutions includes structured and comprehensive training programs designed to address specific needs and challenges faced by corporate managers and entrepreneurs. These programs are tailored to provide individualized support and guidance, helping participants improve their skills and enhance business performance.

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SBS Business Solutions also offers Ad-hoc Solutions, which are flexible and tailored services that can be utilized on a project basis or as needed. These solutions cater to both individual and group requirements, providing targeted support in various areas of business improvement and strategy development.

About us

Hans-Werner Timke Portrait - The Founder


Meet Hans-Werner Timke!

The visionary Founder of the Step-By-Step and WalkiTa concepts. With a track record of successfully managing multiple companies, he is now dedicated to sharing his inspiring story and vast expertise accumulated throughout his career.


Gideon Kok

I joined the SBS 90 Day Business Improvement Program from June 2022 to August 2022. At the time, our transport business was facing challenges, and I had concerns about its future viability and my job security. The program conducted a thorough business analysis, suggesting changes to our service mix and providing valuable cost analysis tools. Through the program's discussions and tools, I gained self-reflection and newfound confidence. I'm pleased to report that after 12 months, our business profitability has significantly improved, and our future outlook is positive. The SBS program played a vital role in these achievements.

- Manager Rennies Transport and Material Handling

Cronje Grane

I really enjoyed the refreshed approach to coaching used by Hans-Werner. His WalkiTa concept brought a relaxing atmosphere to challenging topics of conversation. He was able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing his wealth of experience and ideas. His insights, great questions and gentle prodding helped me mirror perspectives, critically analyze ideas and articulate goal setting to achieve the best solutions for a variety of challenges in my role within our organization.

- General Manager Rennies Consolidated

Naftali Naukushu

Regardless at what stage of your life you are, there are always those that came before you and have walked the talk. The most important fact is that they have experienced the journey of life and they have gained and learned valuable lessons of life. It is for this reason that I grabbed the opportunity to go on WalkiTa (Walk It Talk it) with Mr. Hans-Werner Timke whom I came to know through his excellent leadership back then when he was our MD at Manica Group Namibia. As a leader myself at Manica Group Namibia, I am expected to play at peak at all times in transforming the business unit I manage, it was a privilege to have an opportunity to walk the leadership talk journey with Mr. Timke.

- Head of Operations Ocean Liner Services